About Us

Howdy, my dear visitor. You want to know who stands behind Here we aremakeitcovered.com, right?

That’s not a secret. My name is Stephan Gozzi and I work on this site with my beautiful wife Deborah.

We are highly-qualified in landscape design with more than 20-year
experience. We moved to Canada and left Italy in the early 2000th.

We started a small business in our new homeland. Tell you the truth, we did not succeed in it for the first time. But we didn`t give up and tried to include USA customers in the second try and…don’t want to brag but we reached some success.

Now we help people to make their gardens, parks, backyards or even ranchos look awesome.

What about makeitcovered.com. Well, that is our family hobby. We`ll try to post some useful information or review on the website from time to time. Our site will be helpful for you if you want to find the best stuff for your yard or garden. Hope you`ll enjoy it.

You wanna contact us? Send your thoughts to StephanGozzi@gmail.com