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13 Best Grill Covers Reviewed In 2020

How To Choose The Best Grill Cover?

You will find hundreds of grill covers on the market. They all look pretty the same and have similar properties, still, some models may be more suitable for you than others. If the price matters to you, then you can’t just buy any. To help you choose a quality bbq cover, we decided to review 13 different covers for grills. In this article, we will guide you through popular, efficient and affordable grill covers that you can buy online. Most of the covers come under $30 which is a great deal. By getting such a cheap cover, you will extend the lifespan of your grill. 

We bet you will enjoy this review. Hope that with our help, you will choose the best cover for your grill to store it in the safest way.

We took into consideration the cost of the covers and ready to surprise you with covers that come at a low price. 

TOP 5 Best Grill Covers “Time Saver” List


Image Name Description Check
Unicook Gas Grill Cover
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy duty
  • Small selection of sizes
Unicook Barbecue Gas Grill Cover
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy duty
  • That design, oh. The cover looks like a box
Char-Broil Grill Cover
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy duty
  • Doesn’t suit small size grills
Ravenna Large Kettle BBQ Grill Cover
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy duty
  • Doesn’t cover wheels or legs
Unicook Electric Smoker Cover
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy duty
  • Doesn’t cover legs

Choosing The Best Grill Cover In 2020

Finally, we are moving to review the best grill covers that you can order and buy online. Read through detailed examinations of each product and learn their pros. We tried to examine each grill cover and read customers’ feedback before including these items to this review. We will take about the sizes, colors, features, advantages, and disadvantages of 13 covers for grills. So, it’s time to check what best grill covers we selected and can’t wait to show you.

Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Waterproof Must suit a certain size
Flexible fabric
Comes with straps
Outstanding value
Air vents

This cheap and simple grill cover will perfectly cover your grill and protect it from rain and snow. The cover is made from fabric that won’t fade after years of using it. Even though this cover comes under a low price, it’s made from a very strong material. With it, you won’t have to worry about rips and tears even if your grill has sharp edges. This is a good choice cover to protect your grill not only during a cold or rainy season but from direct UV rays that can also damage your grill.

The cover has straps that will guarantee secure cover even during strong winds. The cover has air vents that prevent your grill from going moldy as well as protect the cover from being blown away during storms. This grill cover is also easy in use. Wait until your grill cools down and cover it with this item. You will also find that the cover gets easily cleaned. Hose it down and let it dry on the air. Before buying the cover, make sure it fits the size of your grill.

Simple Houseware 58-inch Waterproof Heavy Duty Gas BBQ Grill Cover

Waterproof A not so attractive design as at other grill covers
Durable and thick straps
A wide selection of sizes
Low price
12 months warranty

Our second pick is popular among grill owners who have already taken care of storing their grills smartly. This is one of the best grill covers that is made of heavy-duty polyester. The fabric is also waterproof. It comes with handles and straps on both sides so you can adjust it easily. The straps are very durable and thick which means it will be difficult to rip or tear them. The cover withstands wind, rain, snow and direct sun rays. Like the previous product, this cover can be easily washed with a hose and left to dry in the sun. Notice, that this model comes in 4 sizes to suit your grill perfectly: 55″, 58″, 64″, and 72″. Check the size of your grill and get a suitable cover, so it safely covers it and stores it securely. Simple Houseware manufacturer also provides 12 months warranty.

Char-Broil 3-4 Burner Large Rip-Stop Grill Cover

Waterproof Doesn’t suit small size grills
Withstands freezing temperatures Needs to fit precisely
Fits most grill brands
Ripstop series that prevents tears
Comes with adjustable straps
5-year warranty on tears

This is a slightly more expensive bbq cover that is designed to cover 3-4 grills, however, this manufacturer provides covers of bigger and smaller sizes too. The cover is made of heavy-duty fabric that aims to protect a grill during all seasons. Char Broil manufacturer says that this cover is 7 times more practical than other covers on the market. It’s manufactured from rip-stop fabric with a layer of vinyl and a layer of the sealed seam. There are also adjustable straps on the side, which will help you to cover your grill securely, so no wind can blow it away. In addition to all the above-mentioned benefits, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on material tears.

Classic Accessories 55-998-045101-EC Ravenna Large Kettle BBQ Grill

Durable polyesterDoesn’t cover wheels or legs
Cord for secure closure
Attachment system
Air vents
Comes in medium & large sizes
Affordable price

The following best grill cover that we would like to review is manufactured by Classic Accessories. The cover is made of woven polyester. The material doesn’t fade and protects from rain. Unlike previous models that we reviewed, this cover has an adjustable cord that ensures secure closure. It also has an attachment system that prevents your grill from flying away during a storm. All you need to do is to cover the grill, pull the cord and attach the grill with a cover to your house. The cover has air vents that allow air circulation. Even if not using your grill for a long time, it won’t get moldy. There are also handles for convenience when covering your grill.

Unicook Electric Smoker Cover

Durable fabric Doesn’t cover legs
Two layers for protection against water
Tear-free properties
Fastening straps
Comes in 4 sizes
Low price

Another best grill cover by Unicook has a durable construction. The cover is made of two layers: polyester from outside and vinyl from inside. The material provides excellent waterproof properties. It’s suitable for freezing temperatures since the fabric is flexible and doesn’t get ripped. This item has handles for hanging and removing. You can hang the cover when using the grill so it doesn’t get lost or blown away. There are two fastening straps at the bottom of the cover which will ensure secure coverage during winds and storms. To choose the right size of the cover, measure your grill. There are 4 sizes in total.

Kingkong 7105 Premium Grill Cover

Multi-function protection May not suit all grills
Durable fabric
Comes with brush and tongs
Has straps for adjustment
Comes in different sizes
3-year warranty

This amazing product comes under a competitive price but has many features. First of all, Kingkong 7105 is made of premium quality polyester that will protect your grill from snow and rain. You will be able to store your grill outdoor and have no worries about its condition when wanting to grill food. The fabric is thick enough to protect the grill from dust and falling elements. Also, the material doesn’t get cracks during freezing temperatures which guarantee a long life of the cover. 7105 model comes with a brush and tongs to help you cook with convenience. Finally, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty for this product in case you find a rip, tear or any other fabric damage

Kingkong Grill Cover 7106 Cover

Suits all weather conditions More expensive compared with other covers
Thick and waterproof polyester No handles
Fits most grills
Comes with bbq tools
Great value
3-year warranty

Another best grill cover at an affordable price offered by Kingkong brand. The main advantage of this cover is a durable fabric with secure stitching. The cover comes with a brush, tongs and a thermometer which is an excellent kit for someone who enjoys having a bbq. With such a kit, you will not have to purchase additional accessories to cook like a pro. You can cover your grill with this item for months and have no worries about the condition of your grill. The cover has velcro straps for secure adjustment. Notice that this model doesn’t have handles which can be a bit tricky to remove it from your grill. Just like the previous grill cover, this one also gets a 3-year warranty. The cover can be easily washed with a hose and dried in the air.

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Suits many grill brands Isn’t designed to cover legs and wheels
One of 140 shapes and styles
Padded handles
Adjustable cord
Pocket for bbq accessories
Attachment system
Many size choices
3-year warranty

In this review of 13 best grill covers, we have already discussed a product by Classic Accessories. This cover comes in a wide choice of sizes: small, small/medium, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and 3x-large. This cover comes from a series of veranda patio furniture and grill covers, so you can find items to cover and protect your furniture all year round. This bbq cover is made of thick and waterproof fabric. Elastic hem cord allows you to tie the cover and keep it in place during strong winds and storms.

The cover has air vents to prevent condensation and soft handles for easier removing. There is so a big side pocket in which you can keep all the bbq tools. This model also comes with click-close straps that don’t allow the grill rolling during a strong wind. The cover comes in three colors: pebble, bark, and earth. If you buy a cover in a light color, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty fast. A special fabric keeps dust and dirt away, so you won’t have to wash the cover often. Choose one that suits the exterior design of your house and keep your grill protected during all four seasons. The manufacturer offers a 3-year limited warranty.

JIESUO BBQ Grill Cover for Weber Charcoal Kettle

Dense polyester Must fit a grill size precisely
Comes in three sizes No handles
Straps Doesn’t cover legs and wheels
Low price

Many bbq grills owners choose this very cover because it combines simplicity and durability. The cover comes in three sizes: 18″, 22″, and 26″. JIESUO cover is made from a high-quality and dense polyester that prevents tears and rips. The material is quite elastic but you shouldn’t try to fit 18″ cover on a grill that is 22″. Therefore, it’s important to measure your grill before ordering a grill cover. Like most covers for bbq grills, it has straps that help tighten the cover and not blow away during a storm. The cover has excellent waterproofing. However, this model can be short and not cover legs and wheels. Therefore, they can go rusty in time. The item comes at the lowest price compared with other covers in this review, so if the cost is your priority, look into this product.

Unicook Gas Grill Cover 53 Inch

Heavy-duty polyester+vinyl Fabric handles may not last long
Waterproof May get moldy
Tightening straps
Suits more large size grills
Comes in 4 sizes

This is another Unicook cover for large size bbq grills. This cover was designed in a way that is suits most popular brands of bbq grills. The cover comes in four sizes to cover small size, medium and large outdoor grills: 32″, 53″, 62″, and 70″. Unicook manufacturer provides a durable construction that aims to protect your grill all year round. The cover has a polyester layer from outside and vinyl coating from inside. You can see solid stitching which ensures the durability of the grill cover.

The item has excellent waterproof properties and withstands strong winds. There are also two handles for removing the cover and fastening straps that help to tighten the cover securely. Handles can be used for hanging the cover in order to not lost it while cooking on the grill. This is one of the best grill covers for large size grills which will last you for years.

iCOVER Grill Covers 60 inch Gas Barbeque Grill Cover

Oxford polyester No handles
UV resistant
Air vents
Adjustable straps at both sides
Comes in 4 sizes & 2 colors
Low cost

The following item is a great bbq cover by iCover. The cover is made from Oxford polyester which famous for its waterproof and UV protection properties. The manufacturer ats that the material won’t fade away and last long regardless of harsh weather conditions. There are two layers: polyester from outside and PVC from inside. Double stitching makes the cover durable even if using it frequently.

The cover comes in four large sizes to cover large bbq grills: 60″, 65″, 70″, and 82″. You can choose between khaki or black color to perfectly suit the exterior design of your house. There is also an air vent area that won’t allow condensation to build. There are adjustable straps that allow to tightly cover your grill. Even if you are not planning to use your grill for months, this cover will keep it in the best condition possible.

iCOVER 50 Inch Grill Covers Heavy Duty Waterproof

Durable polyester May not cover legs and wheels
UV resistant
Air vents
2 adjustable straps
Comes in 7 sizes

Another model of bbq cover by iCook offers unbeatable water and UV resistant features. The cover is made of high-quality polyester and has a PVC layer. This cover guarantees to keep your grill safe regardless of the weather. The cover comes in 7 sizes: 30″ two-burner, 50″, 55″, 60″, 65″, 70″, 75″. This grill cover model is simply amazing since it comes in 7 sizes. If you are interested in this very model, then you must have to pick the right size to match your grill. There is a mesh air vent area that will prevent mold growth in case you don’t use a grill for one season or longer. There are 2 handles which allow you to hang the cover and remove it at ease. Two straps on both sides of the cover helps to tighten it and make sure that it won’t fly away.

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 | 7107 Cover

Suits medium and large grills Doesn’t fit small grills
Durable material More expensive than previous products
UV resistant
Two velcro straps
Doesn’t fade
Comes with bbq accessories
3-year warranty

Earlier in this review of the best covers for bbq grills, we advertised a cover by Kingkong. This model looks simple yet stylish and durable. The cover has great properties that guarantee to keep your grill in it’s best condition all year round. It’s made from high-quality polyester which will protect your grill from rain, snow, strong wind and freezing temperatures. This is one of the best grill covers that will perfectly suit grills with 3 or 4 burners.

If your grill is small and has one or two burners, this cover may be too big and you may find it too difficult to tighten it up. However, if you choose the appropriate size of the cover, you will be able to securely tighten it with the help of two durable velcro straps at the bottom. Together with the cover, you will get a brush, tongs and a thermometer. In addition, Kingkong manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty for the product.

Why Do You Need a Grill?

Having a grill in your garden is a dream of many house owners. If you like food made on the fire, you must get a grill. It doesn’t take much space, it doesn’t require difficult maintenance and it will serve you for a really long time. However, you must think of getting a grill cover. Protection is a must if you want to prolong the life of your grill. Luckily, buying a grill cover is not a complicated task. Most covers are similar. The main thing is choosing the cover of the right size. You don’t want it to be too big or too small. In this review, we will name several cover models that come in 3 and more sizes. 

It’s really difficult to grill if you don’t have a grill.

Many customers don’t understand the importance of grill cover. A grill usually looks durable, sturdy and certainly made of strong materials. So why do you need to get a cover for it? A cover is needed for protecting a grill from weather and animals. A strong wind can ruin your grill, lots of rain can make grates go rusty, and finally, some small animals can build nests in your grill if you don’t use it for a long time.

During the summer season, you may use your grill every other day, so you may not be bothered putting the cover on and taking it off. However, during a cold, rainy or snowy season, protecting your grill is very important. By keeping your grill outside, it means that it gets exposed to harsh weather conditions. You wouldn’t like your grill to last you a year, would you? This is why you need to purchase a cover made of a thick fabric that offers water-resistant as well as UV-resistant properties. 

Review`s Conclusion

We can’t forget to mention in this review of 13 best grill covers that all items that we have described can be easily stored and clean. While using your grill, any of these best grill cover models can be hung or folded and put aside. Also, you will find it extremely easy to clean a cover. Even though the manufacturers say that their products are thick, durable and made of a few layers, they can be easily cleaned with water and dried up in the air. We hope that our top of the best grill cover models helped you to learn a lot about protection for your grill.

Now you just gave to select the best grill cover that ticks all boxes. Take care of your outdoor device since a grill is not that cheap and you wouldn’t like to replace it soon. We would recommend you to buy a cover together with a grill, so you take care of it from the first day. Take into consideration a warranty term if you don’t want to deal yourself with a ripped cover.

P.s. If you want to spend your time at own grill party don’t forget you make your lawn looks good with a lawn mower. And we can help you to choose the best lawn mower cover to keep your machine safe in winter`s colds or rainy days.